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Skilled Nursing/Nursing Home

Each resident’s care is individualized to meet their needs and to reach their highest level of functionality and quality of life.  The daily rate for each resident includes incontinent products, cable television and laundry services.  Listed here are some of the other services specific to our skilled nursing facility.   


Gold Crest provides standard wheel chairs and walkers or the resident may provide their own.  Customized or specialized wheel chairs, walkers or electric wheel chairs are not provided; however, through our therapy department we help in determining resident's abilities and work with vendors of durable medical equipment to provide these.

Physician Visits   

Each resident has the right to choose their own physician, and some doctors may be willing to come to our facility to see your loved one.  Our Medical Director is Dr. Benjamin Biehl from Tecumseh. He routinely visits our facility and may be willing to assume the role of Primary Care Physician if the resident desires. 


The medications are dispensed to the residents according to the physician orders and documented in their chart.  Medications are provided, set up and labeled by Lake Crest Pharmacy of Adams, NE.  Lake Crest is able to work with most of the Medicare D Drug Plans, Medicaid, and VA prescription plans.  There may be instances where a resident utilizes over the counter or non-prescription medications or herbal products.  All medicinal products used in our facility must have a physician order and pharmacy label on it. For this reason, we ask that family do not bring "medications" not ordered for the resident. 


Shower or whirlpool baths are offered twice a week or as needed or requested by resident or family.  Bathing supervision and hands on assistance is provided in accordance with the resident's level of care.

Medical Services     

Gold Crest has a podiatrist that visits on regular intervals to provide nail and foot care. We also have a licensed mental health practitioner that makes rounds at our facility as needed to provide mental and emotional services to our residents. We can also arrange for visits to local dental and chiropractic services.  We have staff on duty to provide phlebotomy and we utilize nearby lab services. 


It is our goal to maintain a safe working and living environment for everyone on our healthcare campus.  We practice emergency drills to ensure readiness and training for both employees and residents while maintaining a calm atmosphere to reduce the stress and percieved danger.   We utilize a comprehensive Lift Safety Program.  This program incorporates resident assessment, staff training, communication and equipment selection.  We reposition, transfer and ambulate our residents in the safest way possible.  Residents at risk for elopement may wear a roam alert bracelet for their safety.  We have a centrally located and resident accessible courtyard and secured gated outdoor area for resident and family enjoyment.

Gold Crest Retirement Center complies with applicable Federal Civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.